Client Reviews

Amanda Hahn

Burgess Financial was amazing! They made everything straight forward and answered any questions I had. They were very kind and professional. I feel very blessed to have found them. I am definitely recommending them to others.

Sophia Rochelle

Karena is incredibly helpful, meticulously detail-oriented, and will make sure you are 100% squared away in everything you need! I look forward to continuing to work alongside her and her team for all my tax needs.

Kim Howard

Karena was very friendly and you could tell by the questions she asked, she really knows her stuff :). She didn’t hesitate for a moment to facilitate a professional connection that was necessary to accomplish what I needed to. If it hadn’t been for Karena coming to my aid, we’d have run out of time to file a petition with US Tax Court. Prior to speaking with Karena, we were dealing with the same issue for well over a year. After speaking to Karena, the problem was rectified within a few weeks!! This lady deserves an award 🥇 Highly recommend!

Trisha Jarrett

Great people, quick responses, and wonderful service. We had one small hiccup with our taxes (typical being military and moving) and it was fixed super fast! Definitely would recommend

Shimael Vann

Burgess Finacial is Amazing! I have learned so much regarding my business pratices, taxes, and better ways to manage my books. They are very professional, kind, and caring. Do not hesitate to seek the services that you are in need of from them!!! You will not be disappointed!

Beth Purtle

Karena was incredible and put all my worries at ease.

Avalon M.

Karena was amazing. She took her time out with us and meet with us via zoom which was super convenient with our busy schedule. She went over all of our forms and made sure we understood what she was explaining. She was attentive to detail and we look forward to working with her again next year.

Carolyn Nice

Karena, thank you for setting up our appointment to accommodate my husband on active duty deployed half way around the world and my time zone! I appreciate you setting up a video call and going over the return with both of us. You were beyond timely and responsive throughout the process.

Howard Allen

Karena was expedient to respond to my inquiries of her services. She got to the heart of matter, pinpointed the area I needed help the most and provided me with the necessary resources for success.

Lizzie F

I would like to thank you for all for taking me on as a new client in a very short notice.  I was very happy with the one on one communication it made me aware of the things I had missed.

Bro Mike

First and foremost the sense of relief! Now I can focus more on what I do and place my energy and efforts where it matters most. I don't feel hindered at all knowing that however the ministry grows... you guys are able to adjust and adapt making Sure my books are straight! 

Kate M

I know I can trust you! This feels good. Finally my money I making perfect sense. 


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