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A few ways we can help you: 

  • Tax Resolutions. Once you become our client, you no longer have to speak with the IRS. We do the investigation, find out what they know and help you position in a more positive light for your specific situation. 

  • Tax Preparation. We already do the representation. Tax law is our specialty. Who better to trust to do your tax return, than a company whose specialty is solving tax problems every day! 

  • Payroll. Trust Fund Recovery Penalties are brutal. We help small business who find themselves handcuffed by these type of tax problems to get free. We will work with you to assess the problem and create a solution. 

  • Unfiled Back Tax Returns. It may be 2 or 10years of unfiled tax returns that are keeping you up at night. We know the rules and depending on your unique situation, we may be able to get out of filing some of those returns and also the penalties associated with them. 
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"We can't thank Karena at Burgess Tax Relief enough for her services. Not only did she thoroughly review our documents, but she asked questions that demonstrated that she had deep concern about the outcome of our tax preparation. She performed her fiduciary duty without any hesitation and advised our family in the course that best suited our personal needs during a very trying phase of our lives. Her compassion, patience, and dedication are unmatched and seldom replicated in an industry that is very difficult for most people to navigate. After receiving advice from another agent, we discovered we'd been given direction that could have severe and negative consequences to us in the future. Without Karena and her expertise, I don't know where we'd be! Thank you again, Karena. You are a class above!"

Nikki D.

""I feel cared for. You have us awesome communication and patient with use, you deliver on your promises and we couldn't be more proud to be your client." "

Sierra D.

"Karena, thank you for setting up our appointment to accommodate my husband on active duty deployed half way around the world and my time zone! I appreciate you setting up a video call and going over the return with both of us. You were beyond timely and responsive throughout the process."

Carolyn N.

"First and foremost the sense of relief! Now I can focus more on what I do and place my energy and efforts where it matters most. I don't feel hindered at all knowing that however the ministry grows... you guys are able to adjust and adapt making Sure my books are straight!. "

Bro Mike

"'I really liked working with Karena. She is very attentive & thorough. While she his vey professional; it was also like chatting with a friend. I felt comfortable speaking freely. I am glad that I finally made the time to take this step towards making my business even better." "

Shimael V

"This amazing woman has helped coached me in healing of pass trauma, start of planning my business, and even learning new ways too cope with straight up "shitty situations." I highly recommend if you are looking for growth and encouragement, she is the one! Worth EVERY CENT! "

Victoria D

"I know I can trust you! This feels good. Finally my money is making perfect sense. "

Kate M.

"Great people, quick responses, and wonderful service. We had one small hiccup with our taxes (typical being military and moving) and it was fixed super fast! Definitely would recommend."

Trisha J.

"I feel Focused and on a steady path! Karena was expedient.....She got to the heart of matter, pinpointed the area I needed help the most and provided me with the necessary resources for success."

Howard A.

"We feel Very satisfied Karena was amazing. She took her time out with us and meet with us via zoom which was super convenient with our busy schedule. She went over all of our forms and made sure we understood what she was explaining. She was attentive to detail and we look forward to working with her again next year. "

Avalon M.

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your generosity. I thank God that our paths have crossed. "

S. E

Tax Problems can happen to anyone!

  • WHO: From the rich and famous like Toni Braxton, Jason Momoa, Wesley Snipes, Shakira to the next door neighbor, tax issues does not discriminate. 

  • WHAT: Tax evasion, fraud, tax liens, unfiled returns, wage garnishment, just to name a few, each situation is different. 
  • HOW: We help with tax preparation, offer in compromise, installment agreement, audit representation, penalty abatement, just to name a few
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Frequently Asked Questions

An Enrolled Agent is the highest credential that the IRS issues, making them America’s tax experts. It is the most expansive license the IRS grants a tax professional. An Enrolled Agent is authorized by the IRS to prepare tax returns, advise, and represent taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states, the only federally licensed tax practitioner to specialize in taxes and have unlimited representation rights. An Enrolled Agent can speak directly to the IRS on your behalf if you receive a letter, facing a tax lien or levy, or audit.

Absolutely! I am an enrolled agent. 

Tax representation is when you face the IRS about a tax issue. Enrolled Agents face the IRS on behalf of their clients to handle their tax issues, providing them with tax relief. All Enrolled Agents have passed testing on representation and the tax law surrounding it.

Taxpayers who find themselves receiving love letters from the IRS are allowed to represent themselves. However, most taxpayers don’t have a clue where to start. Having a credentialed tax professional provide representation gives the taxpayer a guide to navigate the process or fight on their behalf.

Nope! As an Enrolled Agent I am authorized by the IRS to help clients in all 50 states. Though Burgess Financial is physically in Texas, we are a 100% virtual firm. 

Enrolled Agents advise, represent, and prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses. EAs prepare millions of tax returns each year and their expertise is continually changing which allows them to represent taxpayers efficiently before the IRS. Not all Enrolled Agents offer the same services so it is important to talk to your Enrolled Agent about how they can put their expertise that can best benefit you and your tax situation.

What You Can Expect


Forty Five Minutes with a Tax Resolution Expert, no obligation consultation where we discuss the details of the case. 

Closer Investigation

At this stage we officially become your legal representative and you will no longer need to speak to the IRS. We'll begin looking at possible options for your resolution. 


At this step in the process we will establish IRS compliance by filing any unfiled returns to help you get qualified for the BEST settlement program for your unique situation. 

Regain Your Freedom

Case closed and your IRS nightmare is over. You official have your freedom back. We'll help you create a plan to stay compliant for the future. 


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