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Once you learn the foods that work for your body, you will have the energy to live the life you desire. 


Get a clear picture on what foods your specific body type will thrive on and what will take your body down. 


Ditch the constipation, acid reflux and bloating and never again dread eating out

Plant Powered

Constipation, bloating, gluten intolerance and leaky gut are all wreaking havoc on our digestive health. Many mamas have compromised gut health that's robbing us of the energy and mental clarity we need to live and be fully present with our families.  

The scientific studies are overwhelmingly clear that a whole food plant based lifestyle do wonders for the body. Yet so many mamas still lack the skills to successfully make the transition. 

Let me show you how to make a seamless transition with actual whole plant based foods. 

Work with Me

"I juiced for the first 😳 time today it was amazing. Don't know why I waited so long! Carrots and celery 😋 "

Mom of 2

"I LOVE Karena. She is so knowledgeable about how food interacts with our body and how to determine sensitivities. She has been so kind to help me figure out things not only with my own body and diet, but with my children. I cannot speak highly enough about her. I'm so glad you are here. "

Mom of 5

My Journey

I was hard headed and the first couple of diagnosis were harsh, but they didn't faze me too much so I continue on with my dozen donuts and sugar coffee  drinks daily. 

Initially I changed my diet, but slid right back into my old ways. I know this journey of temptations of so well. 

But then my time came and I finally made the transition permanent. I know the struggle oh so well and that's why I invite all eaters into a judgement freeze zone. 

My Story

Healthy Gut Reset Program

Let's spend 5 weeks together where you get to peek over my shoulder in my everyday life on how I rid myself of digestive issues. Let me teach you step by step how to renew and reset your health


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