Pregnant Girl Problems…And Small Business

Never in a million years did I think that I would be able to say I have pregnant girl problems. And when I say problems, I don’t mean anything serious… 

It’s crazy, in a good way! 

There are so many changes in my body, that it’s hard to explain the whole thing…. Of course if you have been pregnant before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It would be a little bit easier to show and tell you if my belly was quickly protruding or even if I was having morning sickness, but no, I have have been truly blessed beyond measures to be enjoying every single day of my pregnancy. 

Unbelieveable, I’ve been told! 

Don’t get me wrong, there are moments I freak out and wonder what’s happening to me, especially when the baby moves around when I’m sitting down deep in thought or reading a book. 

What I find remarkable is that small businesses have some similarities to pregnancy. Absolutely! 

As I’ve grown my bookkeeping practice and help other small business owners to grow theirs, there has been moments of complete bliss, where everything works outs just great. 

What I see from some small business owners however, is that they get discouraged about things not working out and even more bent out shape when they fail. 

As I have learned, I would like to share with you, failure is apart of the success equation and you will get better at building your business if you do the small important things, day in, day out, no quitting. 

You see, I’ve never eaten this much in life, at least it feels that way, because I’m unable to lift heavy weights and run 10 miles like I”m accustomed to, but this is a small sacrifice to being promoted to “mommy” status! It’s the same for your small business, there will be times that you have to make sacrifices that isn’t necessary ideal, but you have to keep moving forward. 

Just this morning, I was bent over scrubbing my bathroom tub, and though I don’t have a big tummy, I was so winded doing this simple chore. Something that would normally take me 5 minutes, ended up being a 20 minute event! e.g. #pregnantgirlproblems

The way I see it is, I can choose to get upset and walk away halfway through washing the tub, or I can stick it out and know that it will not last forever. 

Today I want to encourage you to know that wherever you are in building your small business, it will not last forever, it’s all for a season, just being pregnant is only for a season. 

So cheer up, pull yourself together, cause it’s going to work out. Just like I can’t wait to see this new born baby, your small business has to go through several as it grows. 

No matter what happens, keep moving forward. Keep stepping! Your will have victory. 

To Your Success! 


When You Dig a Hole, Dig Two!

You remember that story in the Bible in the book of Esther where Hamon was sick and tired all the Jews, so he made a scheme to get rid of them once and for all? 

Well, I’m referencing parts of that story today, cause as you well know if you have read the entire book of Esther, that the gallows that he had intended to hang Mordecai on was the same one he, himself was hung upon. So I believe it’s from this incident that we get the term “when you dig a hole, dig TWO” and that’s certainly the case for me. 

The problem is that somedays we get so excited about life that we judge others for their downfalls,  believing it will never happen to us. Can you relate? 

Just the other day I spoke with a friend who I look up to. She has really strong faith and so many times I just took it for granted that she had it all figured out and never had moments of doubts in her faith. Then one day out of nowhere she confided in me and explain what was happening and I was floored. I felt so bad…. cause now, I had seen how much I had misjudge this person. 

Well wouldn’t you know that the cycle of reaping and sowing is alive and well in every area of our life, whether or not we want to believe it??!! Only a few weeks later, got some news at the hospital that knocked me off my high horse of belief. Literally! 

I walked into the hospital with a smile (of course Im pregnant, a miracle in itself)… and walked out with a headache from hell! 

You see, just like my friend, I have moments of weakness and disbeliefs and doubts and need to be seen as a human just like everyone else. But instead, the seeds that I had planted and not repented for, were resurfacing in my life rather quickly. 

Instead of standing on God’s word for what it is; instead of claiming the promises He made to me in His word, I ran to worry and fret instead. It’s so easy to run back to the ‘ole vomit of our past, which shouldn’t be the case when we have fine dining right in front of us, just waiting for us to sit down and partake. 

So in essence, let us be careful how we judge others. Let us be careful of what we say about each other, but more so about ourselves. Most importantly, let’s choose to stand on the promises of Christ our King. 

This new year, instead of digging a hole for those you don’t like, dig a hole of blessing for yourself and be sure to dig a second hole to bless others around you. 

Happy New Year!


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