Follow Directions

She said try it! I thought she was crazy! But today I know she was only being used by God to stretch my faith & improve my walk with my heavenly Father.

God stepped down in my puny little world to smile on me and I’ve been speechless the last several days, just holding my head and thanking God in gratitude. After following some simple directions from my coach, Dani Johnson to do what the Shemitah year calls for in obedience (forgive people, forgive debts, rest to a new level, etc) my life has changed so much I don’t even recognized it.

Some highlights: I have reconnected with friends which I never thought was possible almost 2 decades later. Thanks Notoya

Visited and impacted several nations. Mia, thanks for breathing life into me every chance you get.

Front row, center stage, VIP backstage pass with Jesus Culture (thanks Emily). That was a complete shock.

I had to back pedal and follow directions that my coach as well as my husband Mitch) had told me…it pays to follow directions… Started a business that grew 600% in the first 4 months and continues to grow with the most amazing clients!

Given the ability to influence and help orphans, widows and the true poor… Seen miracles and healing.

Best of all, I feel like a newly wed again in a marriage that was crumbling that has been restored.

God still works in mysterious ways and I’m every so grateful.

You may read this and think I’m bragging, but no! I’m sharing this with you because I want you to be encouraged. So many have share their stories with me and some of it I thought was just a made up fantasy. Like that stuff only happens in the movies. 

But deep inside, I was saying Lord, if you can do it for them, then change me! Make me into whatever you want, just make into someone beautiful. Honestly, God still have a lot of work in the beauty part, since beauty comes from the inside out, but I’m in for the entire ride. 

What’s brewing in your heart? What do you want God to do in your life? 

What has God already done in your life? Don’t wait for something MAJOR to happen before you start thanking God. Start thanking and blessing Him right now! Right where you are in the muck and dirt. He sees and understands ALL things, and your efforts will not be wasted if you just trust and rely on Him.

Share below some of the good things that God has been doing in your life. 




Building Homes in Santa Pancha, Nicaragua 2015

How many people do you want to help in 2015? 

This was my question to many friends, family and fans at the end of 2014 into early January 2015.

To me, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you are not helping someone, it’s meaningless. That’s personally my take, and it could be because I’m biased in so many regards.

When I was a little girl growing up in Jamaica, I was so grateful for the missionaries who came. Every year that they came, they brought the gospel, yes, but what was more important to me at that point in my life was simple: FOOD!!!

We didn’t have much growing up, and somedays food was hard to come by. As I matured into a teenager, the new craze was fashionable clothes.

Yep, I got left behind in that one.

Nonetheless, because of so many faithful individuals and families, today I can pay it forward and help others in need.And in 2015, a part of my mission and that of Petra Bookkeeping Services, is to help 3-families in Santa Pancha, Nicaragua. 

By helping, I mean helping them get the bare necessities of life, like some food, a roof over their heads, and no more dynamite under their feet.

Our overall goal is to help 84 families, and so far, we have raised over $194,000 to get the mission going. Today I want to challenge you to join the mission and become apart of something bigger than yourself in 2015.

Are you in?

It’s truly an honor to help others. I am eternally grateful for so many who have helped and are continuing to come alongside me in the journey call life.

Please share with your friends and family and come on over to facebook and let us know what your big plans are for 2015.

To Your Success.


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Karena Burgess, PB Karena has worked in Logistics, Budgeting and Bookkeeping for over 15 years. Recently, she acquired further certification and is now a professional freelance bookkeeper specializing in helping small businesses clear the numbers clutter and focus on building their business.