Follow Directions

She said try it! I thought she was crazy! But today I know she was only being used by God to stretch my faith & improve my walk with my heavenly Father.

God stepped down in my puny little world to smile on me and I’ve been speechless the last several days, just holding my head and thanking God in gratitude. After following some simple directions from my coach, Dani Johnson to do what the Shemitah year calls for in obedience (forgive people, forgive debts, rest to a new level, etc) my life has changed so much I don’t even recognized it.

Some highlights: I have reconnected with friends which I never thought was possible almost 2 decades later. Thanks Notoya

Visited and impacted several nations. Mia, thanks for breathing life into me every chance you get.

Front row, center stage, VIP backstage pass with Jesus Culture (thanks Emily). That was a complete shock.

I had to back pedal and follow directions that my coach as well as my husband Mitch) had told me…it pays to follow directions… Started a business that grew 600% in the first 4 months and continues to grow with the most amazing clients!

Given the ability to influence and help orphans, widows and the true poor… Seen miracles and healing.

Best of all, I feel like a newly wed again in a marriage that was crumbling that has been restored.

God still works in mysterious ways and I’m every so grateful.

You may read this and think I’m bragging, but no! I’m sharing this with you because I want you to be encouraged. So many have share their stories with me and some of it I thought was just a made up fantasy. Like that stuff only happens in the movies. 

But deep inside, I was saying Lord, if you can do it for them, then change me! Make me into whatever you want, just make into someone beautiful. Honestly, God still have a lot of work in the beauty part, since beauty comes from the inside out, but I’m in for the entire ride. 

What’s brewing in your heart? What do you want God to do in your life? 

What has God already done in your life? Don’t wait for something MAJOR to happen before you start thanking God. Start thanking and blessing Him right now! Right where you are in the muck and dirt. He sees and understands ALL things, and your efforts will not be wasted if you just trust and rely on Him.

Share below some of the good things that God has been doing in your life. 




Unplugging Grows Your Business 

As a cloud bookkeeper, I do all my work in the cloud, which means that as long as I have good internet connection, I’m in business from anywhere in the world. 

Sweet Sauce 🙂 

This kind of availability is a double edged sword and can cause you to work more than you anticipated because you pretty much have everything at your fingertips. 

It’s okay to love what you do, however, if you are constantly working, then your clients are getting sub-par products and services and that reduces your income, because you get little to no referral or poor job done which makes for unhappy clients- all of which could be avoided. So it’s very important to unplug. 

I had a conversation with a gentleman who is an international businessman and though he was successful, he claimed that his biggest downfall was the fact that he didn’t have enough time to unplug and hadn’t done so in over a decade.  

Yes, I was dumbfounded, and grateful for his honesty all in the same breathe. 

Grow your business by unplugging on a regular basis. Unplugging also strengthens your family ties and you helps look and feel younger as you are not struggling from adrenal fatigue and several other health issues that arise from the lack of rest that comes from overworking. 

My day of rest varies depending on what’s happening on my calendar. However, I choose to make it a priority to relax and unplug from the wire at least once per week…

Initially, this can be very nerve racking because your mind is racing in 50 different direction about how you will fall behind and what your client will say or not say if you don’t respond to their email they sent you 20 minutes ago. 

I’m here to tell you, it’s going to be alright. If your clients expect you to respond to them instantly else they are going to stop using your services, then maybe they were not your ideal client to begin with and in essence is making room for the people who will appreciate you. 

Right now, go grab your calendar, pull out your smartphone, log into your google calendar/iCal and clear out an entire day so you are able to relax with your family, rest and recoup so you can give your clients your absolute best. They deserve it. 

Leave a comment below on which day you will be taking off so we can cheer you on and help hold each other accountable. 



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All Things Work Together


That moment when you find out how big a JERK you have been to your Creator. Yep! Had a wakeup call and had to find the floor to repent. For so long I have blamed God for closing certain doors and for taking certain things away from me. Yes I love Jesus, but if I’m going to be honest, I would have to say somedays I question His judgment.

He constantly reminds me that “the moment we get tired in the waiting, God’s Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.” Rom 8:28

How many times have we heard this and shook our heads and say yep, everything works out for good, just not for me. That’s where I was.

I recently had a conversation with a complete and total stranger, only to find out that the dreams God has given me for the last several years have been an answer to prayer that I keep slugging on heaven’s door about. Like WOW! Really?! It’s one thing to have a prophetic word and them wonder if it will ever happen or if you screwed it up. But it’s a complete other thing to be talking to someone who is confirming much of what God has spoken to you in your prayer closet and they have NO IDEA how accurate they are.

I’m in tears! How sweet is the love of Jesus to have MERCY on us in our hot-headed moments. How kind of Him to still love and adore us even when we have no grounds to be upset and mad at Him.

I know I might just be talking to myself on this one, but if you can relate then I want you to cry out to God right where you are and apologize. Apologize and forgive God for being a know it all. Yes, when we act as if we know better than what God has for us, that’s how we come off.

He’s not mad at you! And the things that He withhold from you is truly for your good. Lord help us to see things your way and to trust you completely. And thank you for revelation!

Encourage someone today by sharing this message with them. 



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Let God Be Glorified In Your Brokenness

For so long I have been a broken mess. I came out of a broken abusive family. I still have memories in of my dad threatening my mom with a machete right in front of me. I had an abortion that I didn’t know what was happening to me until I woke up on a ice cold steel table, wrapped in bandages.

The list goes on from here to Tim-buk-too. But it wasn’t until I was having dinner with a friend and she was struggling with her own mess, that I realized that God also wanted to be glorified in my mess.

It was crazy!

It was like looking at myself in the mirror a few years back and seeing the struggles she is now facing as the struggles that I dealt with and was still dealing with in my own life. 

God created me and He said I was GOOD.

That in and of itself should mean something to me. But somedays we are too wrapped up in what others have to say about us, that we really forget what God says about us. His words are true, final and best of all, they never return to Him VOID. 

So tell your story. Share your grief. Share your victory. Because Christ died for all of YOU, not just the good parts and He wants to be glorified in your brokenness as you learn how to find yourself in Him.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. 

To Your Success, 


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EPISODE #3: Miracle Tool Every Kitchen Must Have

I’m not sure who invented the kitchen item, but I’m most excited that they were kind enough to share it with the rest of us and today I want it with you.

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