Tips To Consider When Moving To Cloud Accounting

What is cloud accounting? How can you provide bookkeeping and accounting services in the cloud? Is cloud accounting for me?

These are important and pertinent questions you should be asking as a business owner, looking for great accounting and bookkeeping services when someone offer you cloud based accounting.

Originally, I started bookkeeping to help a dear friend get his books in order. With working in budgeting and accounting for years, I knew some of what was expected and I hated the fact that he was so stressed out about his paperwork. So I wanted to alleviate the pain, hence bookkeeping services.

However, my love for travel and with working in various states at any given time, I wanted to provide something more concrete for my clients. And I’m grateful the day I was introduced to Xero by a friend and I haven’t looked back since.

So today I want to share some quick tips for you to consider if you are one of the many organizations who are moving your bookkeeping services into the clouds.

  1. Do you have any special software integration needs? Some companies and municipalities use industry specific software and it’s important to understand the relationship between cloud and the firm software. In this situation, it’s important to be proactive for the benefit of the company.
  2. Do you require journal entries? If you do, then discussing how this is managed with the bookkeeper/accountant is vital. Are you still doing calculations on your part or do you expect the firm to pick up the slack? Whatever the choice, ensure the firm can satisfy your requirement before you embark on a long term relationship.
  3. Are your books up to date? Very few of my clients knew the status of their books when they started having me do their bookkeeping. Some business owners have no idea what it means to reconcile their accounts. Whatever the case, make sure to ask how this is handle by the company you are considering.
  4. Does your bank or credit care companies support a connection with the cloud software you are considering? Fortunately for my clients, Xero has been very helpful and supportive in providing options for all major banks across the US and they continue to engage more partners every day. However, that shouldn’t stop you from doing your homework which is reaching out to your bank or potential cloud accounting company to ensure to support your needs.
  5. Tax Time! How do you manage your taxes? Some cloud companies will offer tax services internally, which others will outsource your taxes completely. Still some first just choose to to be bothered with taxes. If you are looking for a one stop shop to take care of your entire package, then asking upfront from your cloud accountant will also be vital to your success.

Numbers can be a headache for most people. But for others like myself, it’s where we thrive and embrace serving others with excellence.

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Unplugging Grows Your Business 

As a cloud bookkeeper, I do all my work in the cloud, which means that as long as I have good internet connection, I’m in business from anywhere in the world. 

Sweet Sauce 🙂 

This kind of availability is a double edged sword and can cause you to work more than you anticipated because you pretty much have everything at your fingertips. 

It’s okay to love what you do, however, if you are constantly working, then your clients are getting sub-par products and services and that reduces your income, because you get little to no referral or poor job done which makes for unhappy clients- all of which could be avoided. So it’s very important to unplug. 

I had a conversation with a gentleman who is an international businessman and though he was successful, he claimed that his biggest downfall was the fact that he didn’t have enough time to unplug and hadn’t done so in over a decade.  

Yes, I was dumbfounded, and grateful for his honesty all in the same breathe. 

Grow your business by unplugging on a regular basis. Unplugging also strengthens your family ties and you helps look and feel younger as you are not struggling from adrenal fatigue and several other health issues that arise from the lack of rest that comes from overworking. 

My day of rest varies depending on what’s happening on my calendar. However, I choose to make it a priority to relax and unplug from the wire at least once per week…

Initially, this can be very nerve racking because your mind is racing in 50 different direction about how you will fall behind and what your client will say or not say if you don’t respond to their email they sent you 20 minutes ago. 

I’m here to tell you, it’s going to be alright. If your clients expect you to respond to them instantly else they are going to stop using your services, then maybe they were not your ideal client to begin with and in essence is making room for the people who will appreciate you. 

Right now, go grab your calendar, pull out your smartphone, log into your google calendar/iCal and clear out an entire day so you are able to relax with your family, rest and recoup so you can give your clients your absolute best. They deserve it. 

Leave a comment below on which day you will be taking off so we can cheer you on and help hold each other accountable. 



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Press Release: Petra Bookkeeping Services Unveils New Website To Drive Small Business Growth

PR: For Immediate Release: Petra Bookkeeping Services Unveils New Website to Drive Small Business Growth
 Bringing bookkeeping services up to speed and into the cloud
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Karena Burgess, Professional Bookkeeper


Online PR News- Monday March 9, 2015, Petra Bookkeeping Services launched it’s new website for small businesses and online entrepreneurs.

Petra Bookkeeping Services is owned and operated by Karena Burgess who has several years of budgeting and bookkeeping experience from working with the both the military and the federal government for over a decade.

This soft launch of Petra Bookkeeping Services on March 9th will be accompanied by various social media channels who will be featuring the website.

 We want to establish an online presence for many years to come and launching a website is our way of saying “hello world”




Bookkeeping For Startups

When we first brought home our baby twins (boy/girl), they screamed bloody murder the first night as it was a new environment they were not accustomed to. With much tender love and care, they soon pass out in a jiffy for nap time. We checked on a regular basis to ensure that that they were still breathing, but it wasn’t like we were measure their heart rates every 10 seconds.

However, as time progress, bed time was much easier and they drifted off at a lull-la-bye. As they grew and became more familiar with their environment, we put measures in place to monitor their physical, mental and emotional development to ensure they are on the right track.

In the same way, your need for accounting services as you’re starting a business is going to be quite different from your needs once the business has, with a lot of hard work, grown to, say, $500,000 a year in revenue.

Most small businesses are very simple, thus an accountant or bookkeeper for day to day expense, especially if they are in the early stages is not needed. But this varies depending on the business. Meaning, a business owner who just started a franchise and already has clients should get a bookkeeper straight away. On the other hand, a small business who is still looking for its first client may only need a bookkeeper on a very part time basis if at all.

A key to remember is not to have all your time drizzle away by worrying about the accounts payable, receivable, etc.  As a matter of fact, most business owners are more concern with ways to make more money and often times forget about their books and what’s happening to their company financially.

As I stated before, each company has unique needs similar to new-born have different needs than teenager.

So my advice to you would be to retainer a bookkeeper or accountant if you are serious about your business, and have no desire to do the number crunching aspect of the business.

You don’t want your business to be in the “teenage” years of life trying to potty train. In much the same way, you don’t want it to be tax time to figure out that you owe the IRS a lump sum of money that you didn’t plan for or have set aside for said purpose.

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Top Reasons To Outsource Your Bookkeeping

That’s a great and famous question these days. And I’m so glad you asked.

Outsourcing is no longer the dirty word associated with job losses as companies move out of the country seeking lower wage workers. Many small business owner and startup companies are finding that outsourcing is one of the best decision they have ever made, if done correctly.

What should I outsource?

Anything you’re not familiar with that is not a core business activity. Bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation and social media management are good examples.

What are the top benefits of outsourced bookkeeping?

  • Expertise

    • Rest easy knowing the experts are handling the mundane bookkeeping and accounting tasks. .

  • Save time

    • Outsourcing allows you to forget about debits and credits and worry about the important stuff, like growth and profitability.

  • Cost savings

    • Employees are expensive, first you have to pay them, then pay taxes on their earnings and for the good employees, even offer a benefit program. You also have to worry about things like sick days, vacation days and holidays. Outsource your books and you’ll find you’re often paying a fraction of the price for a much more knowledgeable bookkeeper.

  • Accuracy

    • Your outsourced accounting provider knows the industry is growing and if they do not provide you with top-notch service you can easily switch providers.

  • Fraud prevention

    • With real time updates it is easy for your bookkeeper to identify fraudulent charges and alert you to them.

  • Strengthened focus on business activities
    • Remove the bookkeeping duties from your internal staff and yourself to free everyone up to focus on generating new business and maintaining the current business.

  • Scalability

    • As your business grows or downsizes you can immediately increase or decrease your engagement ensuring you only pay for the services you need.

  • Reduce paper usage

    • This saves time and money. Reduce the need for your employees to track down paper documents by storing them in the cloud. If you can save your employees time you can save yourself some money.

The benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping can be felt throughout your entire organization. Your executive assistant will have less mail to open, your vendors will be paid on time, your customers will be notified of late payments and eventually reduce the time to collect on receivables. These are just a few of the far-reaching benefits of bringing your business and your accounting into the 21st century and into the cloud.

Are you ready to take your business into the cloud? Book your free consultation and let us begin the journey of increase profit and growth in your business today.

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Karena Burgess, PB Karena has worked in Logistics, Budgeting and Bookkeeping for over 15 years. Recently, she acquired further certification and is now a professional freelance bookkeeper specializing in helping small businesses clear the numbers clutter and focus on building their business.