Your Own Life Proof that Jesus is with you on this Journey

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Today I want to talk to you about your own life proof that Jesus is with you on this journey. Yes, proof in your everyday life that is tangible evidence to you. Guess what?! We all need a bit of tangible evidence from time to time on this journey.

Can you agree with that!

So remember back in school you went to class daily to learn the basics or reading, writing  and Arithmetic? Every single day the school doors were opened, you were in class building on these foundations in some capacity, right! They were our basic building blocks.

Then some where during the semester you teacher will say something like “Pop Quiz” or “today is test day”. What followed was your teach would give you a piece of paper with questions on it or on the board infront of you that you were supposed to answer. Some days you will know the test is coming and other days it would be a complete and total surprise. Sometimes it through you off your game and other days you knew exactly what to expect.

On each instance, the teacher would sit at their desk or hover around the classroom. During this time, they never say a word. They quietly observe, take notes, sometimes even hum. On rare occasion the teacher may even answer a question that’s not particularly clear, but for the benefit of the entire classroom.

Friend, today I want to encourage you that life is one big fast test! Yep a test. This journey you are on is a BIG FAT Test. Take a minute and reflect over your life and you will see proof of various test that you have come upon where Jesus may feel like He is miles away or even walked out of the room and left you to fend for yourself, but He hasn’t left.

He promises never to leave or forsake you, but He never promised that He wouldn’t test you. He left us proof that He will answer certain questions for the benefit of all in the Bible that’s available to you. And yes He does stay quiet during the test, but you have proof in your life that He always comes back to collect the “papers” for grading.

Take a minute and look over your life situation for instances where you felt like you were going through the same exact situation over and over again, like something needs to be worked out of you or sured up in your belief system. These are life proof that you are retaking a test that you have failed.

How about the story of Daniel praying and waiting for an answer from God which He didn’t get right away, but He continued to do what He knew God had told Him while God was in the “talking mood” with him. He eventually got his answer.

I’ve had several of these situations in my life. And I’ve had to retake numerous test. I’m so grateful that His exams are open book. And I’m really grateful to be able to take the test as many times as I want. 

At the end of the day though, I sometimes feel like He is gone and I’m left in the dungeon to be eaten by some very hungry lions. But His word is true, His promises are true and He is faithful in His love to never leave or forsake us.

Right now if you are feeling isolated, lonely, left out, forgotten, passover, just asked God to strengthen you are bring clarity of mind to finish this leg of the race to past this test with a deeper understanding of His love for you.

At the end of the day, both you and me have life proof of His love for us, we must be willing to reflect on those moments when the journey gets tough and know that the teacher is always silent during the test.

Praying for clarity of mind for you today,






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