Lessons from the Garden

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LESSONS FROM THE GARDEN! I’m so excited and proud of myself! Last year I gave myself a good talking to as I failed miserably in my gardening efforts! This year I’m glad I had the courage to get over myself and learn some new techniques.

I’ve discovered that life is a journey on constant learning. Just when you believe you have something all figured out, you discover how much you don’t know.

Last year I had aphids eating the root of my plants and I didn’t know what to look for! Just an FYI, aphids are small bugs sometimes microscopic bugs that are both indoor and outdoors. There are over 4000 species.

My soil pH was way off and all the telltales signs were there I was just clueless.

Often times we give ourselves a good butt whipping because we fail to be who God has called us to be according to US! Failing to realize that He makes everything work out for our good! We get criticized and we criticize ourselves…. all the while forgetting that as long as we don’t quit we are not failures!

The next thing is we are going along our path, happy and excited and bam, we get hit with something that we don’t even know where it came from…. these little invincible, blood sucking, energy taking maggots that cause us to act like Frankin-people! Dr Jeckle/Mr Hyde friends to others, all the while trying to figure out what’s happening!

Anyone else been there?!

Friend, look a bit closer, the signs are there and it’s a good possibility that you have aphids attached to your life source! It’s a good possibility that aphids are getting some of your sunlight.

It’s a good possibility that your soil has been contaminated or you need your nutrients to be replenished to help you shine again!

Sometimes what we need is to be stripped completely of all the aphids that have magically attached itself to us. It will help up renew our faith and refresh us for the journey.

I want to encourage you to ask yourself those hard questions. Examine what happened and don’t be afraid to keep going…. slow progress is better than no progress. Do what you need to do.

On that note I was thinking 🤔 maybe I should ditch my computer and go back to hunting and gathering…. then again some thoughts are better left as just thoughts 💭

It’s amazing what I’ve learned this year alone from recommitting to backyard gardening. I love my garden and so grateful for the lessons God has taught me through it.

Do you garden? What has been your biggest lesson learned from gardening?

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