Unplugging Grows Your Business 

As a cloud bookkeeper, I do all my work in the cloud, which means that as long as I have good internet connection, I’m in business from anywhere in the world. 

Sweet Sauce 🙂 

This kind of availability is a double edged sword and can cause you to work more than you anticipated because you pretty much have everything at your fingertips. 

It’s okay to love what you do, however, if you are constantly working, then your clients are getting sub-par products and services and that reduces your income, because you get little to no referral or poor job done which makes for unhappy clients- all of which could be avoided. So it’s very important to unplug. 

I had a conversation with a gentleman who is an international businessman and though he was successful, he claimed that his biggest downfall was the fact that he didn’t have enough time to unplug and hadn’t done so in over a decade.  

Yes, I was dumbfounded, and grateful for his honesty all in the same breathe. 

Grow your business by unplugging on a regular basis. Unplugging also strengthens your family ties and you helps look and feel younger as you are not struggling from adrenal fatigue and several other health issues that arise from the lack of rest that comes from overworking. 

My day of rest varies depending on what’s happening on my calendar. However, I choose to make it a priority to relax and unplug from the wire at least once per week…

Initially, this can be very nerve racking because your mind is racing in 50 different direction about how you will fall behind and what your client will say or not say if you don’t respond to their email they sent you 20 minutes ago. 

I’m here to tell you, it’s going to be alright. If your clients expect you to respond to them instantly else they are going to stop using your services, then maybe they were not your ideal client to begin with and in essence is making room for the people who will appreciate you. 

Right now, go grab your calendar, pull out your smartphone, log into your google calendar/iCal and clear out an entire day so you are able to relax with your family, rest and recoup so you can give your clients your absolute best. They deserve it. 

Leave a comment below on which day you will be taking off so we can cheer you on and help hold each other accountable. 



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