Goodness in store with Childlike Faith

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As believers we are often reminded to have a heart of a child-having childlike faith.  Throughout scripture we see numerous example of childlike faith and of God having goodness in store for us as His children.

This has caused me to wonder what that looks like from time to time as I became a believer as an adult and didn’t have that exposure as a child. But once I became a Mom, I started asking what that looks like even more. Our miracle baby is only 22 months as I’m writing this and she is as cute as a button but some of the things she does, makes no sense in my adult mind. Still I’m reminded to be as a child and having childlike faith.

So earlier today, our Texas weather went from normal 70s and 80s to 60s and 50s and our normal outdoor routine was quickly interrupted. Not only that, on our daily walks, I would normally give our daughter a popsicle made of Ningxia Red. She’s been addicted since before  birth and this is the kind of addiction I love our family to have.

Since she recently caught a cold and was sneezing like crazy, I didn’t think it made good parental sense to give her a popsicle in freezing weather. So almost as if she heard my thoughts, she ran to the freezer and asked for a popsicle. I quickly changed the topic and offered her some Ningxia red in a cup instead. She was content until Dad came home hours later.

As soon as the family was situated, our daughter grabbed her father’s hand and went to the freezer asking for a Ningxia Red popsicle, to which she was once again declined. It’s not like we didn’t want to give her the desires of her heart, it’s not like we didn’t want to bless her as parents, but we were looking at the bigger picture. Still she was persistent and sat at dinner with certainty that she would get a popsicle from her parents.

Together we sat down and wondered how we could bless her still with a Ningxia Red popsicle and her runny nose and my husband came up with the brilliant idea of giving her a popsicle in the bath rub at bathtime.

Brilliant idea! 🙂

We started the bath and as soon as she saw the popsicle, her eyes lite right up and she told us both thanks and clapped her tiny hands as she enjoyed her treat in the steaming hot tub. She understood that we had goodness in store for her. She demonstrated childlike faith for me.


Now I know God doesn’t have to sit and consider how to bless us. He already knows what will bring the sparkle to our eyes, but the bigger question is, are you and I content enough in Him being our good, good Father to believe Him when He says He has goodness in store for us?

Are you?

Are you carrying about your day with childlike faith in mind that you will get the desires of your heart? 

Today I want to remind you of what it means to have childlike faith and to remember that even the smallest desires are of great concern to Him and will not go unnoticed.

The Bible uses children as an example of faith. Kids don’t allow themselves to get caught up in rational thinking. They don’t have PhD and other levels of education to think for them. They believe in us and take our words for it. They simply trust that we love them enough to deliver what we say and what they ask for. Today I want to challenge youth do the same from your Heavenly Father. Trust and believe that He will do for you what you are asking.



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