Giving Hope in Dominican Republic

In a few short days, a group of friends and I will be journeying to the Dominican Republic. It’s a beautiful island in the Caribbean, the other side of Haiti (the poorest country in this hemisphere).

To actually think that God is allowing me to have this privilege to go help orphans, widows, the poor and needy is almost unreal, considering that I came from that same background. 

But God is God and He can do anything and we can do all things through Him if we are willing to step outside our comfort zone in our purpose. 

Last week I was speaking with a friend who thought it was outrageous that I would risk my life and go to another country to help other people. He thought that journeying outside of the US would be fatal. 

Granted, it can be fatal outside the US, but let’s not forget that thousands of people die in the US every single day. We are not immune. 

The thing about it is that if you woke up this morning in a warm dry bed, you are very well take care of. To top it off, if you have clothes and a warm meal (even if it comes from a shelter) you are still ahead of much of the population of the remainder of the world. Someone provided for you to some capacity to be able to have and enjoy these luxuries. 

Now it’s time to give back and give hope to those who are not quiet in your situation. 

I know for a fact that your life isn’t perfect and there are plenty of things you wish could and would change. So select a group that works for you, and start helping out. Don’t wait until you are rich to give hope. Start today. 

I know at the end of the day, we will be putting smiles on alot of faces and making life easier for thousands. So I’m grateful for the opportunity and I know it will be an amazing journey, not just for those who we go to serve, but also for a humbling experience for myself as well. 

Want to join in our efforts in giving hope in Dominican Republic, you can start here, start TODAY! 

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