Flawless, messy,
FLAWLESS is another 4 letter word for me when it comes to describing myself. I often joke that I have so much dirt on me, it makes Mount Everest look flat. 🙂 
Are you similar to me in the sense that you are your worst critic? That’s me! Somehow it comes real easy to edify others for me after all they are most likely having a worst day than me. I’ve been blessed much and given even much more and for some reason I feel like I should do much more than I have accomplished in life. I should be a better wife. I should be a better mom. I should be a better friend! You know to whom much is given, much is required?!
The last several months have been a colossal disaster in so many ways and areas of my life, I have failed more than I care to admit to myself or anyone else. It’s been one of those things where I’ve literally take myself outside and ask myself what the *ELL where you thinking?
I’ve been used and discarded like a bounty paper towel, I’ve been rejected for lack of focus, I’ve been denied for being inexperienced, I’ve been excluded from not having enough status, the list goes on and on.
Sorta makes you want to take yourself off the playing field of life and just settle, cause after all, I’ve accomplished much more than I thought I ever would already so what’s the deal if I never accomplish anything else?!
It’s times like these you wanna keep moving cause you don’t want to give yourself too much time by yourself for you already dislike who you are seeing and hearing from that voice that really dislikes you.
And it’s in times like these that God is in the midst of the storm with you, whispering that no matter all your flaws, your bruises, your scars, your mess up, you are FLAWLESS in His eyes.
Has He seen me lately? Has He seen how many times I have screwed up the simplest of things?! YES HE HAS!!! and He still thinks and says you are FLAWLESS!
I’m sharing this with you because for some reason I want to encourage you that you are not alone on this journey. As Linda would say “I Love My Body”, I’ve learned to take it a bit deeper in saying I’m FLAWLESS, not in my own strength, but the Cross is enough to make me that way.
Knowing this it’s been easier to live with myself, cause I’ve gotten a better understanding of who I am in the grand scheme of things.
Here is a song that I hope you can listen/watch and get a visual.





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